I am very happy with Zoofari Playcare.  The staff I've met have been great.  I went in without knowing anything about drop in child care.  They brought me up to speed and explained everything to me.  My daughter has been there a few time already and she is very excited to tell me about everything she did while at Zoofari.

I feel very confident in the abilities of the staff I have met, and have no problem leaving my child in their care.

 If that is not enough, their great package pricing and meeting my flexible schedule makes them a perfect match for my needs.
Thanks Zoofari!
James T.

My kids are ages 7, 9 & 12, although my 12 year old has never been left there. The other two loved it there, but would definitely love it more if there were other kids that went there! I actually went on my facebook and posted the link, because I want more people to know about this place. If they don't get more traffic in there I'm afraid they'll go out of business! There is a room upstairs that is just for school-aged kids (no babies or toddlers allowed) and it's a pretty cool room for the kids; it has air hockey and a wii, don't remember what else but that's where my kids liked to hang out while there. Hope this helps!

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We've been there before too. Only once so far, but very nice place, people, etc. And my kids are younger..I like that they have cams everywhere and that its so clean!

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