otter.gifYou Otter Go On A Date!

Every Saturday Night (7pm-11pm)
$35.00 for 1st Child
$25.00 each additional child

Date Night Packages 

Have you ever wanted to schedule a regular date night with your loved one, or maybe a night out with your friends? Well now you can and you don't have to worry about the babysitter canceling on you! You will receive four nights out for any Saturday in a four month period from 7pm-11pm.

• $100.00 for 4 night package for 1st Child
• $75.00 for 4 night package each additional child

The packages are pre-pay only, which means that you pay for the whole package in advance. You must use all four nights within four months of purchase or the package expires.

*Re-entry not permitted once clocked out
* Reservations required by day prior to date night! 
  (Drop-in rates still available if no reservations are made)